EMERALD (Oasis Emerald L.L.C, Dubai, U.A.E) is a distinguished corporation that was founded in 1986 by the esteemed Indian entrepreneur, Mr. Jagdish  Khemchand Khatri, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Collaborating with a consortium of seasoned engineers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China, our organization is dedicated to the development of a premium range of cutting-edge appliances for global markets.

At EMERALD, we pride ourselves on a legacy of uncompromising quality that permeates every aspect of our products. Our meticulous standards encompass the entire production process, from the initial design phase to manufacturing and customer service. With unwavering commitment to technological advancements and state-of-the-art production techniques, our diverse portfolio of over 100 superior home appliances is known for setting new benchmarks in performance.

With a remarkable four-decade track record, EMERALD exemplifies excellence in quality, technology, design, and competitiveness. Our products not only meet the most stringent international safety standards, including GS, CE, and EMC approvals, but also feature an avant-garde design that seamlessly integrates functionality, ensuring the facilitation of everyday tasks.

EMERALD TRADEMARK is a registered trademark, symbolizing our commitment to brand integrity and protection. It serves as a testament to the authenticity and reliability of our products, instilling confidence in our valued customers worldwide.

Drawing on our core principles of delivering uncompromising quality, competitive pricing, and punctual deliveries, EMERALD has fostered enduring partnerships with esteemed clients worldwide. Our distinguished research and development team consistently endeavors to pioneer innovative products, introducing them to global markets and spearheading advancements within the industry.